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Everyone’s a Critic

"Michael Monicatti is superb in this role, caring, a bit naive, a bit selfish, but in the end honorable.  He is a teenager, after all."

(I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, Seattle Rep)

Heilman and Haver 

“But it's this outstanding cast that completely sells every single nuance of this show…Monicatti is that affable dumb jock that everyone loves, except his victims, and his final moments of the play especially that aforementioned fight sequence with Arney were entirely too harrowing and real looking. This amped up the stakes of the show immensely.” (Teenage Dick, Seattle Rep)

Jay Irwin, Broadway World

"This Twelfth Night gains some extra laughs from the casting....Michael Monicatti as Viola/Cesario bluffs his way through a duel against the equally inept doofus Sir Anthony Aguecheek (Benjamin McFadden), ripping apart any notion that men are inherently good at physical combat.​" (Twelfth Night, Seattle Shakespeare Company: Wooden O)

Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

"Michael Monicatti’s portrayal of Beethoven particularly stood out to me as one of the strongest performances.... The pacing of Beethoven’s character development was excellent: It was rhythmic and heartbreaking as it unfolded. Monicatti did a phenomenal job representing such a complex, confused, hurt character. He was bitter and wounded, but brave and quietly full of desire for a fresh start." (Dog Sees God, UW)

Adria Goetz, Drama In The Hood

"Beginning as a simple Barfée solo, it evolves into a Broadway-grade spectacular, complete with a spotlight, light-up shoes, and the cast kicking up their heels and singing along. Monicatti holds nothing back, diving into this marvelously odd character and number without any inhibitions. " (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, UW)

Yasmeen Busse, The Daily UW

"Monicatti was the most convincing person on stage as Moritz, beautifully portraying discomfort, anger, and anguish....Monicatti showed Moritz’s depression and fear in a way that was visceral and deeply relatable in “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind." (Spring Awakening, UW)

Hailey Robinson, The Daily UW

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve experienced one of my performances. 

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